Exar Kun

Tekst: Krzysztof Radzimski, Muzyka: Krzysztof Radzimski & Royal Age

Reckless darkness modifies essence of life.
Tragedy of a thousand lives, within dying hearts.

Victory, paid for with a great betrayal,
Exar Kun
A thousand worlds send my voice.
Accomplished, Exar Kun.

Massasi sing, they worship me, only me.
I could not, avoid the trap, hidden desire.

Exar Kun! This is not the end! At last, you and I will face again..will face again,
This time will be different,
harder, on Yavin 4.

Exar Kun! Anger is not the way!
Do you think anger will make you stronger? will make you a greater warrior?
I don’t think so, I doubt that your masters know the power of love.