Enemy inside

Tekst: Krzysztof Radzimski, Muzyka: Krzysztof Radzimski & Royal Age

Are you my enemy?
fight with my mind and bravery.
hate’s my all good deeds.
Fallen. On your knees.

I am not afraid of death.
You want to see me in hell.
Defiled in sin and unbelief.
Struck down, tired, defeated and dead.

You are enemy inside

Always furious, angry.
I, me, mine. This is your trinity.
Kill with words, crush with doubts.
I will not rest until you fall down.

This piety, oh my Sweet.
I need relationship with Him.
Name of Jesus, i love this sound?
Read the Bible, right right now!

You are enemy inside

You have to leave me, „my dear”.
I was sunk in Lord baptism.
I was nailed to the cross with Christ.
You’ll will never rise./x2

My enemy is outside,
My enemy is outside
Right now