Deliverance in agony

Tekst: Krzysztof Radzimski, Muzyka: Krzysztof Radzimski & Royal Age

My daughters of Jerusalem,
Please stop weeping and crying for Me,
but now weep for yourselves
and for your dying children.

For behold, the days are coming when they will say,
'Blessed are the barren,
and the wombs that never bore,
and the breasts that never nursed’.

Unbelievable tragedy
My salvation in your agony
no one understands, what is death,
As the One who hasn’t tasted death.

Unimaginable victory
My deliverance in your agony
no one understands, how to die
As the One who can never die.

Praise You, Father, for
Your wonderful salvation.
glory, oh my Lord,
when I look at Your creation.
I don’t find the right words
to thank You for Your rescue
when darkness covers me,
heaven will come to me with salvation

Did you know my Lord?
they will turn Your grace,
into an endless wave of immorality.
Did you know my Lord?
they will be a disgrace,
at our love feasts, in Your temple.

Did you know my Lord?
quickly betray us
that will give us, our enemies.
Did you know my Lord?
we are strong in faith,
for the believer, nothing is impossible.

Unbelievable tragedy...